who we are

BlackInk (BI) is a multi-disciplinary creative boutique agency and branding consultancy firm. It features a team of young, talented, and highly motivated professionals whose skill-set caters to the creative needs of any business or individual. The company is a comprehensive provider of branding services, ranging from brand identity development and strategy, to online solutions and advertising, across both the conventional and online/digital media channels. 


Everything we do starts and ends with people; consumers. Everywhere we turn, people and brands interact. Yet, today’s world of smarter, more connected, more informed consumers has caused great business disruption, soliciting greater efforts to solve the many pivotal brand challenges.

BlackInk creates, designs, launches, manages and adapts brands across industries; we work hand in hand with our clients to co-create wiser strategies in line with business objectives, connect strategies with customer experiences, and reach consumers through targeted communication channels, to build a sustainable brand ecosystems where people not only understand and care why you exist, but become loyal to you.

We join people’s lives, in their worlds, to better understand how they would interact with your brand, to capture all the right insights to best grow brand visions, strategies, identities and experiences that drive your organisation forward.

our work

BlackInk's portfolio is exceptionally diverse. Our list of references includes business establishments from a vast range of sectors/industries. We seek to compliment the full scope of our partners' creative needs and, ultimately, guide them to success.