Whats the point of a branding agency, anyhow?

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Whats the point of a branding agency, anyhow?


Plenty of business-owners hesitate to hire a branding agency due to cost, and since all they’re looking for is “just a logo” many tend to forgo an agency’s talent and experience and simply hire an independent graphic designer or (even worse) buy an existing logo online. We find that the main factor is the serious lack of understanding of what a branding agency does and how it can help your business grow. So let us say it as clearly as we can:




It may cost a little more than you expected but it will greatly cut your costs in the long run because a strategically-designed brand is essentially a clear roadmap and plan-of-action, meaning you will know precisely what to spend on and why, instead of ad hoc marketing activities (which end up being far more costly). So we’ve decided to compile a few reasons you should consider partnering with a branding agency from the very beginning:


Education + Experience: Internal departments only learn from their own mistakes and their experience is limited to their respective fields while agencies tend to work across a wide range of industries and many different types of clientele. And often, the knowledge gained from working with a certain industry can be greatly beneficial to another so you, as a client, end up becoming more knowledgeable just by having an agency around. Creating a comprehensive brand that is strong, effective and consistent is a skill that requires some serious experience and know-how as well as an ability to not only see the brand’s vision but also a clear idea on how to actualize that vision and bring it to life.

A great branding agency knows the intricacies of taking a brand from concept to production to implementation, and we remain as the guardians of the brand, monitoring, refining, and evolving the brand, ensuring it grows and develops with its consumers. Agencies also have plenty of experience working with various companies at different stages in their business lifecycle so we consult with interior decorators, uniform designers, sign producers, app developers and all other branded collateral required to bring the brand to life. The ability for an agency to see the big picture of your organization and help you bring your brand to life is critical and extremely valuable.


Creativity + Consistency: When you hire an agency, you get the benefit of having a bunch of strategic and creative minds collaborating on your projects. Agencies often consist of strategists, writers, designers, illustrators, art directors and other talents in-house, which inherently cultivates exciting and compelling ideas and brings a wide range of views and attitudes to the creative approach, ensuring variety and viability. A great branding agency also knows that consistency–in your design, positioning, messaging, tone of voice, personality, general brand image, staff behavior, consumer attitudes etc. —is vital to your success. They provide a very comprehensive and far-reaching perspective of your brand, and ensure you are on a clear roadmap and not reactive, which is the fastest way to de-value or even kill your brand.


Money + Management: If you’re a start-up, your budget is likely small and crucial. If you’re a larger organization, you might have more money to put towards a branding effort. Either way, how do you get the most out of your investment? A great branding agency can help you prioritize what you need in the order in which you need it to make the most impact. Many clients come to us with a pre-conceived notion about the services they need and we come to find out in the first 5 minutes that the money would be better spent in a different area. For example, we meet a client who wants a new packaging design because they feel out of date, but we quickly realize the company has valuable brand equity and recognition, and a re-design might not only hurt the brand but can be very costly. Instead, we recommend establishing a strong online presence and changing the brand’s attitude and tone of voice, instead of a packaging re-design. We actually do care about your budget!


A branding agency acts as your partner, and can orchestrate and lead the creation of those deliverables because they already know your brand intimately and have a big-picture view with a clear roadmap for your brand’s development. When your agency is on retainer and is actively monitoring and managing your brand, you can focus on what you do best: Running your business.


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