Your Opinion Does Not Matter!

branding opinion
As all creative agencies know, clients tend to give their opinions on the work you’re presenting. We design artworks that are supposed to appeal to our clients’ customers, not our clients. But what most clients do is they select designs based on their personal preferences and not their customers.
So we’re here to tell you that YOUR OPINION DOES NOT MATTER! Whether you like or dislike the logos, images or artworks we’re presenting is pointless – you are not your own customer. We pay big bucks hiring and training a staff of writers, designers and strategists who have spent years if not decades studying branding and marketing, truly gaining a sixth sense of how consumers behave and what they like so we can design accordingly. But when a client simply looks at an artwork and decides they don’t like based on their personal tastes, all the days or weeks spent designing are basically out the window. This not only crushes the creative team but it also means that work that was very relevant to your customers will be replaced by work that is only appealing to the boss. Hardly a sound business decision!
So unless you want to be your own customer and buy your own product, then consider what your customers and how THEY would react and feel, don’t base important business decisions based on your own tastes.